Cognitive Neuroimaging Bulletin Board

September, 2002

Elke Stephan successfully defends her Masterís Thesis and decides to go on for the Ph.D.

September, 2002

Awarded a Human Brain Project grant to develop an FDG database of control, healthy subjects to use for comparison to individual patients under evaluation for Minimial Cognitive Impairment (MCI). The informatics component will test whether similar databases across medical centers can be used along with internet-based tools (iiV, Internet Image Viewer) to aid in the diagnosis of Alzheimerís Disease.

June, 2002

Jenni Nagode, M.D./Ph.D. (MSTP) doctoral candidate defends successfully her dissertation and heads back to the wards.


September, 2001

Eli Lilly & Co. supports an investigator initiated project for neuroimaging of novel drug combinations in the treatment of depression unresponsive to traditional approaches.

August, 2001

Opening of the Pete Dominici Research Center for Mental Illness at the Minneapolis VAMC.

August, 2001

Cyberonics, Inc. supports an investigator initiated project for neuroimaging of treatment-refractory depressed patients getting vagal nerve stimulation or control. P.I. of the VNS site at the University of Minnesota is Dr. Barry Rittberg.

Summer, 2001

Stephanie Krejcarek returns from Fogarty Fellowship with Dr. Per Roland at the Karolinska and moves on to Harvard Medical School.

April 2001

Dr. Jose Pardo awarded an Established Investigator Award from NARSAD

September 2000

Jenni Nagode awarded a Dissertation Fellowship by the University of Minnesota Graduate School.

April 2000

Jenni Nagode awarded the American Legion and American Legion Auxillary Brain Science Scholarship.

June, 2000

Lisa Hurliman came onboard.

January, 2000

Matt Hagen awarded a National Research Service Award from the NIH to pursue "PET Studies of Somatosensory Processing" beginning March, 2000.

January, 2000

The Mark A. Nugent Medical Research Foundation awarded a grant to study the role of the vagus nerve in depression to Drs. Robert Goodale and José Pardo.

November 8, 1999

Elke Stephan came onboard as a visiting research scholar from Germany.

October, 1999

Dr. Patty Pardo accepted a position with the Brain Sciences Center, University of Minnesota/VAMC.

September, 1999

Dr. David Zald accepted an Assistant Professorship in the Department of Psychology at Vanderbilt University beginning August, 2000.

September, 1999

Dr. Sohail Sheikh was awarded a postdoc fellowship through the VA Office of Academic Affiliations to begin July, 2000.

September 1, 1998 - The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant to study brain activation during decision making at varying levels of risk (Drs. John Dickhaut, Kip Smith, José Pardo).

October 1, 1998 - Dr. Michael A. Kuskowski was awarded a VA Merit Type II Grant to study anatomical correlates of cognitive dysfunction of Alzheimer's Disease.

September 1, 1997 - The Minnesota Medical Foundation awarded a grant for pilot studies of the neural substrates of aggression and violent behavior (Drs. Michelle Spoont and José Pardo).

July 1, 1997 - David Zald was awarded a NIH National Research Service Award Postdoctoral Fellowship.

April 15, 1997 - Patty Costello was awarded a predoctoral fellowship to the Program in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota. Congratulations Patty!

April 3, 1997 - ABC news crew visited the Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit for filming of an olfactory PET study. The news was broadcast April 11, 1997 on ABC News with Peter Jennings and will be aired on the Discovery Channel in the near future.

December 16, 1996 - David Zald successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation in clinical psychology. Congratulations Dr. Zald!

November, 1996 - David Zald won a young investigator award from the American Neuropsychiatric Association.

November, 1996 - The Minnesota Medical Foundation made a pilot award to study language processing in Alzheimer's Disease (Dr. William Orr and José Pardo).

July, 1996 - The Alzheimer's Disease Foundation and Related Disorders Association, Inc. provided a pilot grant to study hippocampal function during normal aging (Dr. José Pardo and Michael Kuskowski, Investigators).

May, 1996 - The Mark A. Nugent Foundation made an award to support research into the cerebral correlates of gastric dilatation in control subjects and patients with neuropsychiatric disorders (Drs. Robert Goodale, Boyd Hartman, Patricia Faris, Suck Kim, and José Pardo).

March 22, 1996 - Dr. Humberto Temporini has matched as a PGYI Resident in the Research Track in Department of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, New York. He will pursue his studies there beginning in July, 1996.

March 22, 1996 - Dr. José Pardo has been awarded a NARSAD Young Investigator Award beginning July, 1997.

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