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Hello, welcome to my home page. This page is supported by the Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit at the VA Medical Center and University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. As such, it is mainly advertisement towards the high quality of people supporting their effort to perform brain mapping research.

Me, myself, I have been labeled the computer scientist. I have a bachelor and master of science degree in electrical engineering both from the University of Minnesota. I spent 3.5 years in St. Louis after getting my bachelors degree working for McDonnell Douglas performing on various defense contracts from programming simulations to designing and building high speed digital image processing hardware. I returned to Minneapolis on the premise of obtaining a master degree (actually, I tired of the fall like winters and hot humid summers of St. Louis). I spent 1 year as a teaching assistant instructing a senior digital image processing lab. I moved on to a part time job with the Signal and Image Processing (SIP) group of Honeywell, Inc still pursuing my masters. Their primary thrust included research and development of automatic target recognition algorithms in which I partook as a scientist performing design and implementation. I completed my master credits over the next year but remained part time with Honeywell. After 4 years with Honeywell I was spawned off to become part of Alliant Techsystems Inc. At Alliant I became full time employee which motivated me to finish my masters project and obtain my masters. After 2 years Alliant laid me off as part of the defense and corporate down sizing efforts. A little talk with a new boss mentioning my low debt, tiny overhead, and another job prospect may have influenced the layoff. Not wishing to follow up on my other prospect, that being a low level programming job out of town, I spent a summer of intense job hunting and bicycling around the city lakes. In October of '92 I landed this great job as a computer scientist for a psychiatrist performing brain research. I had worked in a 4th floor lab with a southern exposure and awesome view of the international airport. In fall 2005 they moved me to a 2nd floor lab, in an old decrepit building, still with a southern exposure, but viewing a parking lot.

My duties at this great job include:

Joel T. Lee, MSEE
Computer Scientist

Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit(11P)
VA Medical Center
One Veterans Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55417
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