Patricia J. Pardo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
in the Division of Neuroscience Research,
Department of Psychiatry, Mayo Box 392
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455

tel.: (612) 624-7813 or (612) 725-2000, ext. 1896
fax.: (612) 725-2249

Research Focus

Neuroimaging of cognition in healthy adults and psychiatric patients, with an emphasis on elucidating the attentional dysfunction in schizophrenia

Current Projects

Future Project

Representative Publications

Pardo, P. J., & Sams, M. (1993). Human auditory cortex responses to rising versus falling glides. Neuroscience Letters, 159, 43-45.

Pardo, P. J., Knesevich, M. A., Vogler, G. P., Pardo, J. V., Towne, B. J., Cloninger, C. R., Robins, L. N., & Posner, M. I. (1996). Twin studies of attentional dysfunction in schizophrenia. (in preparation).

Pardo, P. J., MŠkelŠ, J., Sams, M., & Hari, R. (1996). Hemispheric Differences in the Cortical Processing of Auditory Frequency and Amplitude Modulation. (in preparation).

Patricia J. Pardo, PH.D
Psychiatry PET Unit(11P)
VA Medical Center
One Veterans Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55417
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